Hi. I’m Colleen Bedford, a professional writer from Toronto who loves to create compelling content for publications and businesses. I bring ideas to life through research, careful planning, and effective writing techniques.

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I have a Bachelor of Science, Honors in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph. It’s a recommended program for students who want to later apply to the veterinarian college, and also happens to be a part of the Ontario Agricultural College.

That is how I, an urban vegetarian who wanted to save animals, learned the science underlying food animal husbandry. From reproduction to genetics, physiology, behaviour and welfare, I was introduced to animal agriculture systems in a way that let me think critically about the realities of food production. I’ve since returned to an omnivorous life, and advocate for balanced diets that include animal protein and are environmentally, and ethically conscious.

I also have a certificate in Freelance Writing from the University of Toronto. I accidentally discovered the joy of writing when I began a blog about the Toronto music scene. I decided to brush up on my writing skills by taking a night course, and was hooked after the very first class.

The certificate taught me effective writing techniques on how to plan, execute and pitch focused articles. I learned the nuances for effective science and public health writing plus how to drive key messages for businesses. As someone who loathed English class as a teenager, I was surprised to find how much I love the power of words.

Research & Public Health

I’ve tested a lot of drugs, on a lot of humans. My first job out of university was coordinating, and then later auditing clinical trials run by contract research organizations. You know these companies; they run radio ads like, “Are you a healthy man or woman, 18 to 75? You may qualify to take experimental drugs.” Though I make light of it, it’s important work that allows lifesaving, or at least, mildly-life-improving medicine to come to market.

My auditing experience landed me a job on a project at Cancer Care Ontario, the provincial cancer agency for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The project standardized pathology reports and improved how information in the report is moved around the electronic health systems.

From there I found a role with the Cancer Imaging Program. From Coordinator, to Specialist, to Acting Project Team Lead, I’ve managed projects and worked with top health professionals to shape public policy to improve quality in radiology services for cancer patients in Ontario.

In typical Colleen-fashion, I’ve dabbled in other subject matter while at Cancer Care Ontario. As the Interim Group Manager for the Patient Reported Outcomes & Symptom Management program I oversaw a team of amazing individuals who work hard to give patients a voice in their own cancer care.

I am currently a Functional Lead, working with the Director of Person-Centred Care on a super top secret project. Okay, it’s not really top secret, but it is super and we’re awaiting Ministry approval before I can brag about it in public.


Music has always been a big part of my life. I began taking Royal Conservatory piano when I was six, and too short to reach the pedals. I continued until I was 18 when I could finally reach the pedals, but thought I was too cool to continue.

Speaking of ‘cool’, in my teenage years I was an air cadet and played in a marching band. After conquering the alto sax, I moved on to drums, and eventually became the drum major. You know that person who leads the band, and twirls a big stick? That was me, and the stick is called a mace. I came in second place in a provincial band competition for my fancy mace twirling.

My 20’s took my music in a different direction. I fell in love with an electronic music genre called jungle, and became a DJ under the name MizRebel. This was in the era of vinyl records and analog. When DJ’s starting migrating to digital formats, I was too stubborn to switch and slowly walked away from the scene.

After moving to Toronto, I started a blog called MizRebel Records as a way to connect with the music scene. It’s how I reconnected with a high school friend and local musician, who changed my path in music, once again. One faithful Thursday evening he found me at my favourite hole-in-the-wall bar enjoying happy hour, and asked me to join a new project.

This is how I came to sing and play keys for a post-punk shoegaze band called White Spaces. We gig regularly, and have played iconic Toronto bars, such as The Silver Dollar, The Horseshoe Tavern and The Bovine Sex Club. If you would like to take a listen, head to our Bandcamp page.

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